Tell us about your favorite place to drive you Kappa!


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  • GaryDN

    In Rhode Island
    Mine is rt146n to 102n then pick up 44s into smithfield. then 116 back to lincoln 🙂

  • Caulairdis

    Mine’s a short one, it started out as a back road avoidance of the rt 24 exit off 128 fiasco. Ponkapoag trail in Milton, MA. I do like the Rt 44 drive to the Putnam cruise ins

  • 27rings

    Mohawk Trail, Savoy State Forest, Approximately 55 miles

    Williamstown (MA), the home of Williams College, is the starting place for a tour which can cover most of the outstanding features of the northern section of Berkshire County.

    Natural Bridge State Park is located east of North Adams off Route 2 and 8. This natural bridge of white marble was created by the waters of Hudson Brook.

    Route 2 east from North Adams leads to the Mohawk Trail, one of the most famous scenic drives in the Berkshires. The road follows the old trail Native Americans of the Five Nations used to pass between the Connecticut and Hudson Valleys. First point of interest on the trail is the Hairpin Turn, where the trail rises sharply to the Western Summit (called Spirit Mountain by Native Americans). There is an observation point from which excellent views of mountainous portions of southern Vermont and northwestern Massachusetts can be seen including Mount Greylock, Mount Prospect and Mount Williams.

    Continuing up the trail, the next stop is Whitcomb Summit, the top of the trail. From this elevation, 2,173 feet, one can see far into southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

    Further along, the trail crosses a bridge and turns sharply to the left. Another road leads to the right. Here the visitor has a choice of three routes; 1. To continue along the trail to Charlemont, Shelburne Falls, and Greenfield; 2. To retrace the route back to North Adams; 3. To turn right away into Savoy Mountain State Forest for a visit to Tannery Falls.

    The road out of the Tannery Falls area on the return leg of this Circle Tour leads just northwest of Savoy Center and onto East Road in the town of Adams.

    East Road paralleling Route 8 to the North leads back to North Adams, and gives a commanding view of Greylock Mountain, towering over Adams, a charming Victorian town with an elegantly restored Main Street. A must-see is the Western Gateway Heritage State Park, located on Route 8 in the center of North Adams.

    The freight yard district of North Adams has been restored and now houses a variety of contemporary and historical attractions, including an excellent exhibit on the building of the Hoosac Tunnel. To complete the tour, turn left on Route 2 and return to Williamstown.

  • I have several great drives. The Great Sacandaga Lake to Lake George road in NY, RT 3A from Hingham to Sagamore, RT 6A from Sagamore to P-town in MA.


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