Annual Kronus Wine Cruise

Please if you even think you may come let us know in case we need to cancel.  Plus we dont want to leave without you.  if you have a walkie Talkie bring it with you.

Approximate 70 mile cruise to the Jonathan Edwards and the Saltwater Farms Wineries in Stonington, CT.

sunday 8/18/2013  11 am

We will start at 11:00 from the famous Zip’s ’50s diner at the intersection of 12 and 101 in Dayville, CT (Exit 93 off I-395).

If you’d like to have a late breakfast or coffee, we’ll be there at 10:00 prior to the cruise.

From Zip’s we’ll head east on 101 to Foster, RI and turn south on 94.

After about 7 miles, we’ll turn right and follow 14 and 102.  Eventually 102 will veer off and we’ll continue on 14.

From 14 we’ll merge onto 14A for about 3 miles then head south again on 49 through the Pachaug State Forrest.

This is about a 15 mile leg and will lead to a short ~2 mile drive over to the first stop, the Jonathan Edwards Winery

Jonathan Edwards Winery After some (prudent) tasting it’s another 11 miles down mostly routes 1 and 2 to the next stop, the Saltwater Farm Vineyard.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard

After this we’re on our own to find a late lunch, early supper spot.  I’ll try to locate something “car friendly.”  Suggestions welcome.  We’ll be near a number of great seafood joints in and around Stonington and Westerly.

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